Javelina Roundup

Art by Verna Kropp 

We hope everyone is doing well and enjoying the opportunities we have to camp outdoors in this great country of ours. The Group Reservation has filled quickly again this year, and numerous water and electric sites will be available once the 5-month window opens up for individual reservations. So if you want to participate in the Javelina Roundup get-together but have not yet been able to reserve a site, there will still be ample opportunity to do so. Reservations are separate from "Registration". Once you have a spot reserved, please fill out our registration form so we can plan accordingly. The Davis Mountain State Park is one of our favorite parks, with much to see and do while there. 

The Javelina Roundup is a great relaxed time to visit with fellow campers, enjoy some informal music sessions, and enjoy the beauty of the surrounding area. The dates are 1-8 October, with many folks planning to arrive a week early. We will have a Swap Meet for campers to sell, give away,  or trade camping-related items. There is no formal agenda, so you are free to come and go as you please. 


Who's Coming


Host for the Javelina Roundup