Guadalupe River Rat Rally

GRRR 2020

Sharon and I are sad to say that we are going to cancel GRRR 2020 due to continued Covid 19 issues.

I know, another fiberglass gathering bites the dust! After much soul searching, we just felt it was best. We have been in contact with the campground and they have been very gracious in working with us. We have bounced around so many scenarios, believe me, and it just was not working for the quality of what we feel is the fun fellowship of GRRR with a good gathering for newbies. They could not let us use the Rec Hall or back cooking area. Their staff are all wearing masks and masks are required in their office and store. The restaurants are only 50% fulfillment rate (going to miss those fried onion rings at the Gristmill) with take out and many of the places one likes to visit in the area are closed.

We will try for next year :) Our 10th year!

So put the gathering on your camping calendars!

Dates: Thursday- Nov. 11, 2021-Sunday-Nov. 14, 2021

Price per night-$35.00-full hookups

Full hookups normally $50.00 a night, they did not go up on their summer fees-2020-because of pandemic. Next year will probably be $55.00 a night for the sites BUT we will be charged $35.00.

Registration to open hopefully in March 2021. As always check for info on MFRVG site.

Please feel free to share this with anyone you feel has interest.

Thank you for your continued interest, please stay healthy and will hopefully see you in 2021!

Continuing prayers for healthy families and our country.

Your Co-hostesses: Sharon Stevenson & Joan Wiethorn

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