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Pineknot VI 2010

PineKnot-VI, under the new leadership of Fred and Mary Rosin, was held September 20-October 3, 2010, at Salmon Lake Park.  The following is a summary from Fred’s “PineKnot-VI Wrapup” he posted on October 12, 201o
Blair McClure set up the Fiberglas RV Gatherings website and created the Pineknot website. He also set up the online registration, as well as the online t-shirt ordering system.
Paul McClure, Arlis Dean, Errol Roberts Jim Reynolds, and Brian Margason coordinated the parking as the people arrived. It was their great work that enabled to efficient use of the parking spaces in the park.
Paul Stringer reserved Salmon Lake Park for us at the end of Pineknot V, got the Crime Stoppers Band lined up to play on Thursday night, printed all of the name tags, and got us the caterer that provided the BBQ dinner on Saturday evening.
Verna Kropp provided the excellent artwork that we used on our website and the front of the Pineknot VI t-shirts. Verna is a first class artist, and she simply amazes me with how she can come up with designs for the numerous events that she has provided artwork for.
Lisa Rynearson got the t-shirts printed and distributed. The shirts this year were nothing short of excellent with Verna’s art, and the skillful printing that Lisa’s printer provided. Lisa also donated Pineknot t-shirts to the Crime Stoppers Band, and to the rally to be used as door prizes on Saturday night.
Karan & Dann Wheelock coordinated the Pet Show again this year. We had some “newcomer” pets, and their owners provided entertaining information about the special skills of their pets.
Pat Harko conducted a how-to session on Spiral Key Chains, and on creating Finger Pincushions. I was able to be around for some of her sessions, and saw a lot of people busy working on these projects.
Karen Elling also conducted a how-to session on creating Warmies Flip-Flops (I hope I have that correct).  The sign-ups for this class were pretty large as well.
Tom & Martha Jo Trostel again volunteered their time to provide not just coffee, but a pretty darned good continental breakfast for 3 mornings in a row.
Robert Elling donated the desktop flag sets. These were popular items. 
Gene Layton had to leave early, but before he came to Grapeland he stopped by Casita and got Casita hats and key chains that we gave away during registration.
Larry Gamble shared his vast knowledge during the Trailer Talk session that he held on Saturday afternoon. I’m sure that everyone came away at least a little more knowledgeable after attending.
Tom Trostel, Gary Vanlith, Geary Gowins, “Ranger” Duke Armendariz, and Don Lohr amazed the crowds with their Dutch Oven cooking skills. They also provided tasty samples of their creations, and not only did I not hear any complaints about the food, when I got there only “scrapings” remained in the bottom of the ovens. Great job fellows!
My wife Mary Rosin recruited some great help for registration, and these folks were so anxious to get it started that we opened it early on Wednesday evening. Jean McClure, Jeanette McClure, Joan Wiethorn, Mary Grace Roberts, Don & Carol Curtis, Nina (the General) Dean, and Denise Underwood did an outstanding job of getting people registered, keeping the money right, and handing out goodies to the registrants. 
Glen & Sharon Stevenson, Melanie Meaux, Joan Wiethorn, Lisa Rynearson, Karan Wheelock, Ken Rodd, and Larry Gamble (Little House Customs) donated door prizes that were given out on Saturday night.
Billy Bussey brought his knife sharpening equipment and offered to sharpen knives (and/or scissors) for anyone.
Katy Underwood was our official photographer. She did a fine job of tracking the event, and she even passed the camera on to her mom, Denise Underwood, when she wanted to be in the picture herself. Pictures from Pineknot VI are available at HERE.


The first six PineKnots were enjoyed by everyone present.  The fact that our numbers have grown every year is a strong indication of this fact, and also that several people have attended all six past events and are already signed up for this year.   At this writing, PineKnot VII is still over two months out and about ninety rigs have already registered.  Fred has an excellent agenda already lined up.  We are all looking forward to seeing our old friends and making new ones at Crockett Family Resort,  October 6-9, 2011.