Matagorda Madness

MM2016 has Come and Gone!


Well, another Matagorda Madness is behind us.  If my counting is correct, this was the eleventh episode in this ongoing series.  I hope each of you had a good time.

Our rally began on Wednesday with the usual “Beer Swap”.  We had some interesting flavors and this year brought a number of Root Beers to the table.  Thanks to all that participated.

Due to scheduling conflicts, we had to do the Pot Luck Dinner on Thursday night rather than the usual Saturday night.  This may have been a blessing considering the weather changes we experience later in the week.  We had a Great turnout with a lot of good food.  Blair McClure and Henry Platts put together a Bonfire on the Beach after dinner.  A Big Thanks  goes out to them and all the folks that brought wood for the fire.

Friday night saw a number of us going to the Waterfront Restaurant for Dinner.  We packed half the Building with our Rally attendees; the other half was taken by the Wedding party with whom we shared the Nature Center’s Meeting Rooms.

As stated previously, scheduling conflicts with the Nature Center’s meeting rooms saw us only having access on Wednesday and Thursday evenings.  The Nature Center was very apologetic about the double booking and worked very hard to make amends.  They spent over $1,000 on a tent, heaters and tables to give us a place to meet on the last days of the rally.  My Thanks goes out to them for their efforts.  They have assured me that the next two (2) years are blocked out for our December rally and that this year’s conflict will not reoccur.

We had 38 “trailers” attend this year.  The breakdown appears to be:

Casita            - 20

Escape          11

Scamp           - 3

Oliver             - 2

Hunter            - 1

Hotel Room    - 1

Six (6) states were represented:  New York, Colorado, Florida, Tennessee, Louisiana and Texas.

I want to thank each of you who attended this year for making it a fun event.  The rally lived up to its name and gave us some interesting weather.  

I hope to see y'all back next year.  2017’s dates are:  Thursday, 11/30/2016 - Sunday, 12/03/2016

Jack(ie) Erikson

Coordinator for Matagorda Madness

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