Matagorda Madness


Matagorda Madness for 2015 has come and gone…

Matagorda Madness 2015 ran from December 3 - 6, 2015.  This year’s rally had 46 trailers in attendance with our furthest traveler from North Carolina.  Trailers included, Casitas, Scamps, Escapes, a Cruiser and an Oliver.

Our weather was special this year.  Although the first days of the week were windy and cold, the latter days of the rally were sunny and beautiful.  Temperatures and breezes were just enough to control the usual horse size mosquito population.  Outside events during the daytime could not have been better.

Thanks go out to Carolyn Youngmeyer and Rafaela Vega for their Crafts events that both entertained and educated.  Pam Erikson’s Scavenger Hunt put folks out in the community searching for “artifacts”.

The Matagorda Bay Nature Center and Mike Mullenweg provided outdoor excursions including kayaking, beach combing, bird watching and star gazing.  Simon DeSoto of the Colorado River Locks gave us a personal tour of the Locks and barge traffic.  Everyone had the opportunity to experience Matagorda Bay and most everyone did!

Thanks to each one of you for coming to this year’s event.  And thanks to the weather we learned why our rally is called Matagorda Madness!

The 2015 Agenda and Pictures are available on line.  For pictures and slide shows of previous Matagorda Madness gatherings, check out the sub-pages below.

Next year’s event will run from December 1 thru December 4, 2016.  I hope to see all of you there!

Jackie Erikson

Coordinator for Matagorda Madness

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