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Pineknot IV 2008

We dedicated PineKnot-IV to the memory of our friend and mentor, Lindy—and we still have many fond memories of him. We think he would have appreciated how great everything turned out.

Having outgrown Tonkawa, we had looked for another gathering place. We discovered a fantastic park just North of Tyler TX called Whispering Pines. Robert checked it out and put his stamp of approval on it. The physical plant was wonderful, providing an excellent recreation hall, some shaded sites, a fishing lake, a covered pavilion, swimming pool, playground, and a helpful staff. So on May 14, 2008, we announced it as the location of PK-IV—Dates: October 2-5.

Because of all its amenities, Whispering Pines is a popular place. This proved to put a damper on our rally—first because they limited us to only sixty sites. However, they eventually opened up ten more spots, but some people did not come because of their restriction. Thus the number of participants was about the same as the previous year.

One of Whispering Pines’ offerings was a “U-cook It,” where we each provided our own meat and grilled it ourselves. They, in turn, furnished everything else, including tableware, drinks (tea, coffee, ice water), condiments and spices, hot coals, clean-up, sides, and dessert. This was our evening meal on Thursday.

Susan Litke hosted our pet show on Thursday afternoon. Tom and Martha Jo Trostel provided coffee and breakfast rolls each morning. On Friday, Allen Hubler led a discussion on “Casita Mods,” followed by “Driving and Towing” with Mike Blackwell and Phil Underwood. After lunch, Robert provided a workshop on “Leather Creations.” We also attempted a Swap Meet, but participation was not as hoped for. The day was capped off with a potluck and another fine performance by the Crime Stoppers Band. On Saturday, we had the usual tour, group picture, and a left-over potluck. The day ended with a group meeting to discuss future plans.

(This was the first year for us to charge a registration fee. After all those who had expenses for the event were paid, names were drawn at the Saturday PM get-together for the dispersal of the remaining funds).

Everyone agreed that Whispering Pines would be a great location for PK-V. Robert had discussed with the staff the limited number of sites they had assigned to us. They agreed to reserve 83 spots for us if we would come back the next year.

After some folks experienced a rather unpleasant sewer problem, we all headed for home.