Matagorda Madness 2013 has concluded! 

...and it was a success!

Friends representing the states of Massachusetts, Florida, Louisiana, Texas and New Mexico converged on Matagorda Bay Nature Center and RV Park during the period December 4 to December 8, 2013.  Our Molded Fiberglass Recreational Vehicle Gathering (MFRVG) had sixty trailers including Casitas, Crossroads, Escapes, Olivers, Scamps, and a Lil Snoozy.

Although the weather ran to extremes, we had fun at evening beer swaps, wine tastings, Ranger Duke’s bonfire and other social events.  Rally Attendees spent time on the beach, fishing at the piers, and playing card games in the Nature Center.  Thanks to Gary Vanlith, we had coffee in the mornings and because of Carolyn Youngmeyer, we had a crafts event to get folks out of their trailers.

The Matagorda Bay Nature Center provided outdoor excursions including kayaking, beach combing and bird watching.  Simon DeSoto of the Colorado River Locks gave us a personal tour of the Locks and barge traffic.  Everyone had the opportunity to experience Matagorda Bay and most everyone did!

Thanks to each one of you for coming to this year’s event.  And thanks to the weather we learned why our rally is called Matagorda Madness!

Next year’s event will run from December 4 thru December 7, 2014.  I hope to see all of you there!

Jackie Erikson
Coordinator for Matagorda Madness