Matagorda Madness 2010

Photo by Murrey Walker

Thursday morning bright and early our wonderful hostesses Nina Dean and Jeanette McClure prepared coffee, muffins and hot bagels to all that came and there were quite a few folks that decided to partake, also Lisa Rynearson and Pam & Jackie Erikson opened up registration. Around At 11 o'clock Bob and Pat Harko fired up their huge cooking pot to cook their jambalaya. While Chuck Litzell began cutting enough french bread for everyone, Melanie Meaux, David & Helen Eastwood and Debra Tate prepared our room for the Harko feast. Promptly at 12:30 Bob brought up his pot of jambalaya that joined everyone's salad and desert and folks began their feast as Melanie filled their bowl. Fourteen people chose to take advantage of the program provided by the LCRA Matagorda Nature Center Animals of the Gulf Coast Area. Around 4 PM folks started to march and drive to the beach to drop off and haul their wood down on the beach which was a 150 yard jaunt by foot to Larry Gamble's prepared location for his bonfire, it was great team work! At 5 PM their were 20 people that thoroughly enjoyed the program Cattle Drive Presentation. The presentation was given by Michelle Weathers and her husband which are natives of the area and he is a full time working cowboy. After dinner the bonfire was enjoyed by many.

Friday morning Marney & Janie Mason and Denise Underwood were ready with hot coffee and goodies ready to go at 7:30. Lisa and Pam were manning their registration table by 8 AM and one hour later 11 folks began their informative program Wings Over the Wetlands . At mid morning John Chapman graciously served many folks his signature mountain man breakfast. Just after noon Fred Rosin cranked up the grill with some stuffed jalapeños & boudin and there were allot of liquids being drank to cool off the palettes. From 1-2 pm 19 people enjoyed the Nature Center program Adventures in Beachcombing and as usual learned things they never knew about the Gulf Coast with a jaunt out to the beach after their classroom instruction. At 3:30 34 folks began to enjoy the Popcorn and a movie which was about the Abilene Boys. In 1937 these boys began a 600 mile journey from Ballinger to Matagorda canoeing down the Colorado river. At 6 PM everyone assembled at the Nature Center for the much anticipated pot luck dinner. Carolyn Youngmeyer brought and assembled all the center pieces for the tables this year. Terry & Marie Applegate, Sharon Stevenson, Jean McClure, Arlis & Nina Dean and Fred & Mary Rosin and many others helped setup and clean up our room afterward. Terry & Marie Applegate were awarded the annual official State of Texas seashell the Lightning Whelk for driving the furthest to our gathering from Cottenwood, CA which was almost a 2000 mile trip one way. Larry Gamble's Friday evening bonfire was a hit with everyone!

Saturday morning hostesses Sharon Stevenson, Jean & Jeanette McClure had more coffee, muffins and hot bagels ready to go bright and early at 7:30 AM. Pam and Lisa finished up registration. At 10 AM the class Don't Let Size Fool You Plankton Program began and 7 people took this course. AT 12:30 PM the Day on the Bay Guided Kayak Trip took to the water with 6 people enjoying the water and then at 12 noon Pat Harko taught a bunch of ladies how to make Santa Face Christmas Ornaments. The group photo was taken at 3 PM in which Murrey Walker so graciously took for us, and then at 3:30 the RV Show and Tell began. At 4 PM there were champagne bottles popped at Blair and Jeanette's trailer celebrating the Matagorda Madness 5 year anniversary with 3 other couples that were part of the original 10 trailers that attended the first Matagorda trip in 2006 and those couples were Steve & Cynthia Nussenblatt, Charlie & Joyce Smith and Jim and Carolyn Youngmeyer. Later that evening most everyone convened on the Waterfront Restaurant on the harbor for some great Gulf seafood. After dinner Larry stoked up the last bonfire of the weekend.

Matagorda Madness is truly a gathering that has evolved over the years because of the many people that help with their time and money. There were more folks that we would like to thank for bringing provisions for everyone to enjoy and those folks are Tom & Eddie Kay Nichols, Maurice & Jane Miller, Gary & Marlene Vanlith and Steve & Cynthia Nussenblatt. Also once again Verna Kropp made our MM 2010 drawing even though she was dearly missed at the gathering. Also we definitely need to thank the LCRA Matagorda Nature Park for teaming up with us and providing such informative and classic programs for all of our attendees to enjoy. Kudos to Betsy Terrel and Rhonda Westbrook at the nature center for their hand in making our gathering one of the most unique on the FGRVG trail.

This year Matagorda Madness was a bunch of fun with weather conditions that stood up to the historical averages of 50-70 degrees and sunshine. Of the 5 years we have had this gathering 2010 ranked right up to the top as far as weather with beautiful sunrises and sunsets every evening. The total number of FGRV's this year were 46.

Sincere thanks to everyone that helped and attended.

Blair & Jeanette McClure



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