Matagorda Gathering 2007

Photo by Sean Simon

The 2007 gathering was a success! The weather on the Texas Gulf Coast was between 50 and 80 degrees and mostly sunny. There was a beautiful sunrise and sunset every day. We had 31 units attend (10 last year)22 Casitas and 9 Scamps. Mike and Arlis came in from Kansas, Paul from Northern Wisconsin and Bob from Florida to name a few. While at dinner there was a token prize given to Paul for traveling the furthest. He was presented a Lightning Whelk which is the official State of Texas seashell that was combed off the beach Saturday. Also the official name of the gathering was voted on Saturday night and it is now The Matagorda Madness FGRV Gathering, named for the few and brave that attended the first Matagorda Invitation in freezing, raining, sleeting weather. The name Matagorda Madness FGRV Gathering was submitted by CD Smith and voted on by the attendees at dinner Saturday evening at the River Bend Restaurant & Tavern.

Friday night the happening place was Sean Simon's Casita where everyone gathered for some of his Cajun gumbo which was a hit. There was an overwhelming applause when we suggested that next year Sean would fix us all up with gumbo instead of a possible potluck. Gary Vanlith made a dutch oven apple cobbler that was awesome and he volunteered to cook 4 of them next year if needed.

Other than a place to have a potluck, a meal or just a gathering place for coffee in the morning, there was a huge majority of attendees that liked the laid back, no structure atmosphere.

There were 10 people that participated in the Living on the Beach program hosted by a Texas certified naturalist and there were 7 people that went kayaking on an LCRA escorted trip.

Thanks to all that attended and to those that didn't, you missed some awesome weather in December. Right now it looks like you probably need to put the 1st weekend in December 2008 on your calendar.